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Empowering Women to Rewrite Their Narratives

Starting in June, I will offer 11 complimentary coaching conversations to women who want to get to know themselves again to regain ownership of their life narrative.

Each 75-minute conversation, led from a place of compassion and empowerment, will explore your inner world at this stage of life, guiding you to understand your needs and aspirations, inviting you to re-connect to yourself and your life's purpose, so you can feel more present, visible and connected as you navigate daily life. 

In a world where our attention is taken over by the daily grind, tending to others, or keeping up with endless emails and social media, it's easy to lose sight of our own needs and aspirations, to feel scattered and even invisible. The Main Character Coaching Conversations Project offers a space for you to reconnect with inner yourself, untangle the mental clutter, contemplate your dreams (again) and assess what you need to become the main character in your life story.


This project is tailored for women who are:


  • Seeking Self-Rediscovery: If you've noticed that your own needs and desires have taken a backseat, these conversations will guide you towards self-awareness and empowerment.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed: In times when life's responsibilities feel overwhelming and tedious, it is important to care for yourself.  These conversations will anchor you and create a feeling of connection and sacred space. 

  • Yearning for Meaning: Beyond caring for others or keeping up with responsibilities, these conversations encourage you to build a life that is deeply meaningful for yourself as well.



In March 2023, I gave a seminar called "What Do I Even Like Now?" about the importance of creativity and having a personal relationship with oneself. I emphasized the profound significance of becoming the creators of our own life stories and prioritizing self-awareness and self-love as gateways to belonging. Following the presentation, a majority of the audience shared their own stories, revealing a common yearning for connection, self-discovery, and harmony with personal passions and creativity.


The dialogue left me deeply inspired, especially by demonstrating the power of conversation. In thinking how I can expand my mission of nurturing hearts through creativity and meaningful personal connections, I am compelled to facilitate more heartfelt conversations. Conversations that go beyond words, and serve as the beginning of a personal journey or a catalyst for transformation.


The Main Character Project provides the following opportunities: 


  • Community Connection: Foster meaningful connections within our community through insightful conversations.

  • Self-Discovery and Empowerment: Facilitate a journey of self-discovery, helping you uncover your passions, strengths, and aspirations and inspire you to step into your role as the main character of your life.

  • Creative Outlet: Demonstrate how creativity can support your journey to knowing yourself better (we will do a creative exercise)

  • Prospect of Future Coaching*: If it aligns with your intentions, we can discuss the possibility of a future coaching program. I will provide an overview and we can discuss how working with me can help you maintain momentum in creating a more fulfilling life. 

*The Main Character Project is not a sales pitch. These conversation are a genuine exploration of your desires and goals, dedicated solely to you, providing a safe space to explore your thoughts, dreams, and questions.


To join the Main Character Coaching Conversations Project, submit your application by clicking "Yes, let's talk" below. The applications will be reviewed to ensure alignment with the project's objectives. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule their conversation appointment. 

Let’s rekindle your inner spark, so you can take the lead in your life story! 

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