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A creative self-care group for adults offering expressive art workshops to reconnect you with creativity for enhanced self-awareness and wellbeing.


Each gathering includes a brief check-in, a mindfulness exercise, a prompt to guide you through the creative process and plenty of time for hands-on projects. ​No prior art experience necessary. Each session includes unlimited art materials. 


In our studio space, art-making is a tool for self-understanding and establishing a deeper connection with your authentic self. We do not focus on skills or creating artistic masterpieces. The core belief of this group is that creativity is a fundamental part of being human, and is intrinsically linked to wellbeing and feeling fully alive. 

We support each person's journey of creative revitalization and self-discovery by providing a nurturing space for meaningful and replenishing art-making and building a supportive community. 

Our creative workshops provide engaging art projects, and a welcoming space for self-reflection and meaningful conversation.


This group is ideal for women* who want to:

- be more creative

- get out of the mundane

- reconnect with passionate living

- feel peaceful and grounded in the moment

- have meaningful connections with others

- overcome creative blocks

🌟 Immerse in Art: Rediscover your innate creative joy, freely explore a variety of art materials and make art from the heart without an expectation to make it "look good".

🌼 Nurture Your True Self: Each gathering empowers you to better understand yourself, boost self-confidence, de-clutter the mind and release things that don't serve you. 

🌈 Embrace Playfulness: Let go of judgment and fear and see what shows up. Connect with a supportive, welcoming and whimsical community. 

We practice being creative, explore our own beliefs and resistance around creativity, redefine what it means to "be creative" and make art from the heart, unconstrained by expectations, judgments or the end result.

✨ No Experience Needed: Come as you are, and bring an open mind. Art materials and light refreshments will be provided.

Each gathering includes a brief check-in, a mindfulness exercise, plenty of time for a hands-on projects and a chance to share, and learn from others. ​ ​Art materials and light refreshments are provided, but you may bring your own. 

*This group caters primarily to women and mothers of young children. But we welcome all who are interested in creativity, wellbeing, supporting/discussing women's issues and contributing to maintaining a safe and inclusive space within the group. 🎨🌈

Past Events and Group Locations:

  • 2023 "What Do I Even Like Now" seminar at Bowery Art Collective, Metuchen, NJ

  • 2020 Virtual Art in the Pandemic, Zoom Workshops

  • 2019 ARTFIT Mamas, Chicago

  • 2017 Art Journaling Series - Authentic Self, Chicago 

  • 2016 Art Journaling Series - Creative Energy Boost, Chicago

  • 2014-2016 ARTFIT, Chicago

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