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RISING HEART COACH, Victoria Chala, is dedicated to empowering aspiring world-changers* by supporting personal transformations and the fulfillment of passion projects through a coaching program centered on empowerment and creativity.


I believe that everyone has an inner light waiting to be ignited. I'm here to help you uncover and strengthen that light, so that it can naturally lead you towards the transformative impacts you aspire to create in your personal life and the wider world.

By working together, we will discover and nurture your inner potential, get clear about your passions, confront obstacles and give you courage to bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality, so you can live in harmony with your true self. As a coach, I will provide expert guidance, accountability and constructive challenges to guide you along the way. Finally, we will delve into using the magical powers of creativity as an additional tool to help achieve your goals.


If this resonates with you, register below for a complimentary 60-minute discovery conversation to connect with me and learn more.

*world-changer: A person who has changed their own life for the best or is positively influencing the lives of others through direct personal action. The world-changers might be making small ripples or big waves, and it all matters. Aspiring world-changers are passionate about doing these things, but need additional support to maintain forward momentum. Aspiring world-changers might be just starting their journey or preparing to take the big leap, and it all matters. 


Joseph C., Director, Fortune 500 Company 

Coach Vika is a beacon of light! She helped me illuminate my path with clarity and focus! She was so patient, I felt like I could share anything with her. She even followed up with me after our sessions to ensure I was executing my plan. What a great experience. I’m forever in her debt. 

- Joe

Monica M., Counseling Astrologer

Vika is an amazing life coach. Her sessions have helped me consistently show up for myself better. We've tackled a vast array of my mental blocks with my goals and she's provided me deep perspective shifts I've really needed to get me out of my lack mindset. Her gentle nature allows me to open up and be vulnerable which is key to progressing in my sessions. I love that she challenges me at the right amount to where I feel I can succeed. She's honest, gets down to business, and most of all is experienced and insightful. The investment in yourself and working with Vika is one you won't regret! I am not the same person I was when we started.

- Monica

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