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Creative Life Coach in Metuchen, NJ

Vika is a mother, business owner, illlustrator and life coach with a mission to make creativity accessible to as many people as possible, to make the world a better place. Vika is the founder of a creative group, When We Create, which helps women reconnect to creativity, rediscover their passions, and build deeper personal relationships through intuitive art making.


All my life art has been my companion: a magic carpet wishing me away on adventures in childhood, a guide toward my inner wisdom, a conversation starter when I cannot find the words, a bridge between hearts when making new friends, a light and an oxygen tank in dark and uncertain times.

In art, I use bold colors, lines and patterns to bring life to my whimsical, powerful and uninhibited female personas in imaginary situations. As a coach, I listen deeply, challenge ways of thinking and provide structure so clients can claim their ability to change their life.  

In 2014 I first got the idea to form an art group for people who (like me) secretly wished to be part of a multicultural creative society where we could share our dreams, mentor each other, form partnerships, talk about philosophy and world issues while drawing, laughing and drinking wine. 

In 2014, seven people met up at Iguana Cafe in Chicago to do just that. We were vulnerable, honest, creative. We wrote a manifesto and shared projects. We went to museums, breweries, cafes all over the city.


Even though our group members and the aim of the group evolved over time, it continued to be a place for people to show up, create, feel and be real. 

Years and many meetings later, because of this group, I've become a stronger and more courageous person, I made new friends, and I've seen people transformed by creativity. From smiling and speaking up more, to moving across the country to pursue one's lifelong dream, people from our group were ignited by creativity. 

My mission is to continue reconnecting people with creativity to help brighten their day, change the way they think or even change the world. 

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